Hotclient - Hotwire Internet Service Authentication Client







why am I here?

You will be interested in this page only if you are a user of Hotwire broadband internet services or a developer with lots of free time on their hands. If you are not one of these you are in the wrong place and maybe my favourite search engine can help you find the right one.

Hotclient is an authentication client for users of Hotwire Internet connections. Currently hotclient is available as

  • linux shell application
  • Windows command line application
  • Perl Command line - Platform Independent

under the GNU - General Public License

Hotwire - Internet Private Limited is an ISP which provides 24-7 always on Internet connections. You can visit them at I do not claim any affiliation with Hotwire or Primus Telecommunications India Limited (the parent company) or anybody else thereof. I am just a user of Hotwire services and promise to abide by their terms of usage/service.

Why Hotclient?

People would ask wasn't the authentication software provided by Primus good enough. Well their software can be got from their website at Other clients are available as well at the below links (GCC) (GTK)

But I have a actual 24-7 connection. Whenever the network fails or the server goes down for a reboot all these clients just exit out of the program.

Well .....Hello! I'm not at my desk at all times. What I needed was a client which picks up the connection as and when it becomes available again so that my downloads would continue. Hence the first version for Linux was born (I'm better at gcc than VC, besides i don't actually have a valid copy of VC). The Perl version started and was finished on the same day.

Once I did that well I just went ahead and did the same for Windows. Both the GCC and Win-GCC versions are shell based programs.

Usage and Features

Current features are very basic. If you have the binary version you just go to your command/shell. and type

hotclient <username> <password> <Server-IP> [Persist]

username : your username

password : your password

Server-IP : (like mine is

Persist : is an optional argument which when set reconnects after being disconnected for a minute.

Future Plans

Well the next order of business is a GTK and a graphical windows version. after that well

  • Statistics viewer for all versions.
  • Maybe a statistics management utility which shows your uptimes and network usage
  • And definitely for the 24-7 users a server uptime stats addin.